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“Hearing protection is sexy”

The aim of All Ears is to raise awareness about tinnitus, and how it can occur by being exposed to loud music. Tinnitus is a condition where the sufferer hears a ringing-like sound in their ear; this can be temporary or permanent. There is currently no cure for tinnitus, meaning people who have permanent tinnitus can never hear silence.

Many people who go out get ringing in their ears (tinnitus) afterwards, but not many people know that this can become permanent. Instead of a natural reaction to listening to music it is a warning sign from exposing themselves to music which is too loud. Hearing protection, which is often hard to find in many clubs, is stigmatised so people often feel uncomfortable using it. All Ears work towards changing this, educating people on the benefits of taking proper precautions whilst listening to loud music, and trying to show people that “hearing protection is sexy!”

Supported through a monthly donation of £15

As active members of the electronic music community we at Party For The People know full well the allure – and dangers – of loud music. We agree with All Ears that tinnitus is an often overlooked issue, and we are helping to provide them with marketing support, funding, and industry contacts in a bid to raise the profile of their cause and help spread awareness amongst the music-loving community.

Through our network of contacts within the events and music industry, we’re helping All Ears to expand their reach and access to venues that in turn can themselves promote tinnitus awareness. We will be encouraging venues to join the EarSmart accreditation scheme, which recognises and promotes good practices of hearing protection provision in evening entertainment venues in Sheffield, and helping to develop the initiative to a level where All Ears will be able to become an earplugs retailer.

As the All Ears staff is comprised entirely of volunteers, PFTP will be assisting financially in covering operational and product costs, for example contributing towards the cost of earplugs, leaflets, stickers and other such promotional material.

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