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“CRESST is dedicated to helping children and young people learn conflict resolution skills that can be used in their schools and communities.”

Working in partnership with child and youth centred organisations, CRESST have been working in Sheffield and the surrounding areas to deliver Conflict Resolution Education (CRE) programs since 2004.

CRESST trains staff and young people in schools in the skills of conflict resolution to help build more peaceful school communities. Conflict will never be eliminated, but with the right skills, people can find a win-win solution before things escalate into harmful behaviour like violence or bullying.

To date, over 3500 children have benefited from the CRE training, with over 500 trained mediators in Sheffield helping to solve problems every day.

Donations so far: £500

CRESST’s Young Peacemakers Project has developed a “Whole School Approach” to tackle conflict between children in primary schools. The project works by electing peer mediators who then offer a conflict resolution service for other children in the school. CRESST supports this project by training staff in conflict resolution approaches and practices so as to ensure that the project can continue once CRESST has finished their work.

As the “Whole School Approach” costs nearly £5000 to implement in a primary  school, Party for the People has been keen to contribute where we can in order to help CRESST extend their work to further schools. Money donated by Party for the People goes towards components of the project such as pupil training, school staff/ community training, evaluation and follow up work for the project. We are delighted to have been involved with such an innovative and forward thinking project that has had such positive feedback from the schools it has operated in so far.

“Peer mediation is incredibly powerful in our school. Mediators see their role as important in the smooth running of school. The system sits beautifully with our core values and promotes care, respect and thoughtfulness. Staff supporting the provision are outstanding and take great pride in developing and nurturing mediation talent!” – Headteacher, Arborthorne Primary School, May 2013.

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