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Médecins Sans Frontières

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“MSF provides medical support for people who lack basic access to health care due to conflict, humanitarian crises, pandemics and natural disasters”

Médecins Sans Frontières is an autonomous body of doctors, nurses and assistants who operate worldwide to bring medical support and resources to regions lacking basic health care, often due to conflict, humanitarian crises, pandemics or natural disasters. The charity pride themselves on being independent of any government affiliation and are committed to remaining neutral and objective in the assistance they give, staying true to the name “Doctors Without Borders”.

Over the past year or so, MSF has provided invaluable medical assistance in areas such as Liberia, treating the Ebola epidemic; Syria, where millions of people have become displaced due to the ongoing civil war; and The Philippines, which suffered catastrophic damage as a result of a series of tropical storms.

Donations: £3000

For our event at The Night Kitchen in Sheffield in March 2015, we pulled together a line-up of artists who are similarly passionate about the work that MSF do, and who were more than happy to waive their fee for the night in order to help maximise the money raised as much as possible. Thanks to Bicep, Deep Space Orchestra, Hesseltime, Sisterhood, Squarehead, Pedram and all who came and danced, we were able to donate £3000 towards MSF’s ongoing efforts.

This £3000 could equate to generating 71 million litres of purified water to supply 10,000 people per day for a year, a surgeon working in the field for three months, or emergency medical kits that can provide 5000 people medical care for three months.

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Website: http://www.msf.org.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/msf.english

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MSF_UK

Donate to MSF: http://www.msf.org.uk/make-a-donation

Registered charity no: 1026588


MSF in 40 seconds http://youtu.be/mXV8lTgETks

MSF in 2014 https://youtu.be/0ap12-uFcWM

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