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“Oxjam is one massive month of unforgettable gigs in aid of Oxfam. All local. All live. All organised by people like you”

Around the globe, Oxfam works to find practical, innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive. They save lives and help rebuild livelihoods when crisis strikes. They also campaign so that the voices of the poor influence the local and global decisions that affect them.

Since their first festival in 2006, Oxjam has raised more than £1.75 million in total for Oxfam’s work. The difference financial aid raised by Oxjam has made to underprivileged people across the world is immense.

Oxjam is proud to offer such a diverse range of events, there really is something suited to everyone. From multi-venue takeover events to sponsored busks on top of mountains!

Donations so far: £1500

At the beginning of summer 2013, we were approached by the global charity Oxfam to curate an event for the Oxjam Sheffield Festival in October later that year.

We asked the up-and-coming artists behind Wolf Music Recordings to come and play, and together we planned the event. Over the past three years Wolf Music have really made a mark on the UK’s underground music scene, and are leaving their paw prints all across the planet. Every artist played for absolutely nothing but a few beers, and we’d like to give huge thanks to all the DJs that performed on the night, including Medlar, KRL and Matt Neale.

Overall, we managed to raise a £1000 donation from the event, and combined with Oxjam’s £2500 the total reached £3500! The money was initially going to be put towards a range of causes all over the world, including green energy, irrigation systems, water for schools and other various projects. However, the 2013 typhoon in the Philippines and the massive devastation it wreaked upon the country meant that we made the decision to donate the majority of this money to the Philippines Typhoon Appeal.

On December 10th Oxfam started the distribution of Peepoos in Tacloban, the Philippines. After the typhoon Haiyan – or Yolanda as it is called locally – hit the country in November 2013, many have been without toilets. This has forced people to practise open defecation, which is heavily involved in increasing the risk of the spread of diseases.

The Peepoo toilet is suitable for use in home and shelter, which allows the affected population access to rapid, safe, clean and convenient sanitation at all times, day and night. After use, Peepoo is directly closed with a knot and the dangerous pathogens in the faeces are instantly isolated from the immediate environment. With the self-sanitation technology, combined with its biodegradability, Peepoo makes it safe to dispose of human waste without contaminating waterways and the larger environment.

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