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Sarah Groves Foundation

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“Helping people from all walks of life to ‘lead a life less ordinary”

The Sarah Groves Foundation was set up by the family of Sarah Groves in Guernsey. Sarah was tragically murdered on a houseboat in Kashmir, India in April 2013. Sarah was an incredibly loving and selfless person. She always strived to improve the lives of people less fortunate than herself and she had a special affinity for children.

The foundation was set up to create and offer opportunities to children from all walks of life in the areas that Sarah was most passionate about. These areas are the arts, fitness and activities. By offering these chances we aim to improve the lives of children in Guernsey and around the world and allow them to succeed through Sarah’s legacy.

Donations so far: £500

Working alongside Gottwood Festival, an electronic music and arts festival based in Anglesey, North Wales, we were able to raise £500 in 2014 for the Sarah Groves Foundation by donating profits made from selling tickets to the festival.

The aim of the Sarah Groves Foundation is to help people “live a life less ordinary”, much like Sarah herself did. Funds generated from our donation go towards supporting some of Sarah’s passions: children, art, fitness and adventure. Projects and activities organised by the Foundation aim to help provide experiences and travel to those who would otherwise not have access to such opportunities, allowing them to succeed through Sarah’s legacy.

The Foundation works closely with the Guernsey Community Foundation, who will advise on the best ways to ensure all monies raised are spent wisely and without waste.

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Donate to the Sarah Groves Foundation: https://www.justgiving.com/sarahgrovesfoundation

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