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Send a Cow

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Send a Cow gives communities and families in Africa the hope and the means to secure their own futures from the land – helping them to leave poverty behind for good. The charity’s approach is cost-effective, sustainable and makes real and lasting change.

Over the past 25 years Send a Cow has provided hundreds of thousands of families with livestock, agricultural training, seeds and ongoing support. As a result, people are able to grow their own food, produce surplus to share and sell, improve their communities and educate their children. On completion of the programme people are expected to be self-sufficient and free from poverty.

Donations: £7000

Working along side Farm Festival, a small music and community arts festival based in Somerset, we were able to raise money for Send a Cow by donating profits made from selling tickets to the festival.

Money donated by Party for the People goes towards the aims of the charity such as Improving the confidence of the people they are working with, increasing the productivity and diversity of food and increasing access to education. We are delighted to have been involved with such an innovative and forward thinking project that has had such positive feedback

Send a Cow work hand in hand with families in Africa, understanding that poverty is more than just the day to day struggle of toiling on land that fails to produce.“Many people believe that poverty has become part of their personality, and hold out little hope for change.”

Send a Cow provide livestock and training in natural organic farming practices alongside courses in gender equality, conflict resolution and more. It’s a package that works. It’s a package that families pass on to others.