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The Long Well Walk

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“Walking from Sheffield to Cape Town developing sustainable water and sanitation projects along the way, easy!”.

The Long Well Walk (TLWW) started as an idea in 2012 as one person’s attempt to link his community to communities in need. Now it is a global expedition from Sheffield to Cape Town using a diverse range of volunteers as well as communities across Sub-Saharan Africa to work towards a better future.

TLWW works towards sustainable water and sanitation projects, led by the local community, that lay the foundations for improvements in health, education, gender equality, local economy and overall community development.

A few facts for you:

– Nearly 800 million people across the globe do not have access to clean water.

– Every 20 seconds a child dies as a result of poor sanitation.

– Safe water and sanitation provide the foundations needed for long-term development.

How PFTP has helped:  

Last year Party For The People has had the privilege of being able to work with and assist The Long Well Walk project in Namavundu, Uganda.

Namavundu is a rural community on the outskirts of Kampala and has an estimated population of 2500 people. Namavundu’s main water sources were a stream and a spring located 2km away from the centre of the community, and both of these sources provided unclean and contaminated water.

Party For The People was delighted to donate £1500 to the Long Well Walk project here to help construct a protected spring well, providing free, easily accessible filtered spring water to the community. Information on hygiene and sanitation is also being clearly displayed at the water source. The work that The Long Well Walk project has done in Namavundu means the risk of waterborne disease will be massively reduced, protecting the health of the community.

The project has also diverted the contaminated stream away from the protected stream, which will prevent flooding from contaminating the community’s water source.

Both The Long Well Walk project and Party For The People believe it is important to not only help Namavundu’s community in the short term, but to provide a sustainable solution. The use of effective materials to construct the protected spring well means it will require little maintenance, be at low risk of erosion and be readily accessible to the community as a whole.

We will continue to support TLWW for as long as needed and and we wish Liam a safe and inspiring trip!

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