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The Sumbi Beach Project

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“We supported the Sumbi Beach Project to build two Eco Farms in Zidana and Kankhande, Malawi”

The Sumbi Beach Project was founded to make a difference; in January 2013 their first project was launched in Monkey Bay, Malawi. “We aimed to help make a difference that will last, and continue to provide help that will last for the indefinite future, not just pass through.” Grant Ripley – Co Founder

Their aim now is to create self sustained community projects in a number of different villages dotted around Malawi. They strongly believe in moving away from dependency and towards not only self sustainability but self development as well.

Donations so far: £500

We were fortunate enough to work closely with the Sumbi Beach Project, with help from the great people behind the Banana Hill music events across the North of the UK.

Seeing how motivated and passionate they are about helping poverty and education in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in Africa, our donation will help build two eco-farms in two communities; first in Zidana, and with future donations being made to Kankhande later this year. We are very excited to be working with this great cause.

One of the main community projects is a self-sustained nursery school. The nursery school will provide every child between the ages of two and five in the local area with a constructive and safe environment to play, have fun, and benefit from interactive lessons, as well as providing an all important meal.

Eco-farms are a key component in ensuring the sustainability of these projects. The produce from the eco-farm is sold to nearby townships and tourist areas to provide the income to support the nurseries. Helping to build the eco-farms at these nurseries will not only secure their long term presence in the area, but will also help the community to move away from dependency and develop themselves in a positive way!

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